Coffee shop with delicious morning near the station「Motomachi Coffe」

Finally I went to Morning of Nagoya specialty!
Although speaking of Nagoya is Morning, there are mornings on private menu such as private business cafe which is only in Nagoya, including Komeda coffee, so I’d like to try various things!

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The entrance of the shop has a retro feeling atmosphere.


This is the sign of the store in the shop.


The interior is spacious and you can spend calm time.

Place of store

Address: Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Nakamura Ward Tsubakicho 15-19 Akita Gakuen Sta. Building 1F

The location is 3 minutes on foot from Nagoya Station.




Eggs will come with toast and boiled only by the price of drinks.
If you add a fee, you can also add Egg Benedict, salad and yoghurt.

What did you eat?


Morning coffee is good.

Because the stomach is brought up, the coffee was weak, but it was a so delicious.


Egg Benedict Motomachi Style

If you add 280 yen, salads, yoghurt and egg Benedict are attached.

About store hours

Business hours are as follows.

Opening hours: 7: 00 ~ 22: 00
Closed holiday: irregular holiday
Phone number: 052-414-5830
Smoking, smoking: smoking


Morning culture in Nagoya is nice! It is profitable, and if such a culture exists, I am looking forward to getting up early. It is close to Nagoya Station, the inside of the shop has a sense of cleanliness, and it is spacious so it is a very relaxing space.

Motomachi coffee web page


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